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May/June 2021


I needed a friend! We were early in our marriage and very busy in ministry. I was a full-time student and we were years away from having children. So busy, surrounded by a lot of people, yet I felt very lonely and isolated. I prayed, “LORD, I need a friend.” Have you ever felt that way? In a crowd but feeling so lonely. I imagine it is a common feeling among women married to a minister.

Can a pastor’s wife have friends within the church? Early in our ministry someone once told me that could not happen. Over the years, I’ve learned that to be false. Some of my greatest friends have come from within the church and I am so thankful for that! I do say, we must be wise in who we choose as a confidant.

Some of my greatest friends have been Bible study members, deacons’ wives, and prayer partners. These mighty women have joined in prayer to cover each other walking through life’s situations. We have laughed, cried, rejoiced, and mourned together with…

• Prayers over loved ones • Prayers over terminally ill parents

• Prayers over lost family members • Prayers over unborn babies

• Prayers over marital stress • Prayers over unresolved conflicts

• Prayers over children/grandchildren • Prayers over employment

• Prayers over relocations • Prayer over our local churches and communities

God answers prayers! He did for me the day I called out for a friend and He continues to do that for each of us every day! As you navigate through this specific season of ministry, I urge you to call to Him regarding every situation. He will hear your every prayer.

Belonging to Him!