bishop's desk
September/October 2021

Is our “Routine” too “Routine”?

As we return in September and October to our church services, community activities and everyday routines, let our routines not be “routine.” Routine synonyms include “regular, mundane, average, dull, monotonous, tedious, repetitive, humdrum, predictable, usual, habitual, standard, normal.”

Well, doesn’t “routine” sound exciting? NO, not at all. It sounds like something we do because we are required to or something we do out of habit or something that is boring.

The “routine” in our lives should include the joy of sharing our stories, telling our testimonies, and giving the gospel to our family, friends and neighbors.

The “routine” in our lives should include exciting church services, fervent prayer time, meaningful praise and worship, cheerfully giving tithes and offerings, serving our neighbors, loving each other and heartfelt Bible reading and study.

The “routine” in our lives can be anything but “routine.”

Experiencing God’s power in a church service, feeling God’s comfort in troubled times, watching as our family and friends grow in discipleship, sensing God’s direction in our lives, singing with exuberance the hymns and praise music, shouting with a voice of triumph, having strength through God’s joy and living an abundant life in Jesus Christ are anything but “routine,” yet should be part of our “routine.”

We say we want revival. The truth is we all need to be revived, reset, revitalized, renewed, reborn, rejuvenated, restored, relaunched and released. Our “routines” can truly become “routine” if don’t we focus on Jesus, listen to the Holy Spirit and follow God’s guidance

in our everyday lives.

If we focus on the “stuff” and not Jesus, our efforts will become “routine.” Yet, when we fill our “routines” with love, joy, peace, power, mercy, grace, praise, prayer, worship, evangelism and discipleship, we won’t feel “routine” at all.

Let’s return to our “routines” but in a very “UNroutine” way.