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March & April 2023


Spring…the time of Renewal, Rebirth and Revival. Each year, Spring brings hope to us after a cold, desolate winter. The same is true in our churches. Our hope in the Gospel is renewed as we watch converts experience rebirth and our churches sense the need for revival through prayer and fasting. The joy of Spring in our hearts provides encouragement.

The recent prayer revival at Asbury College and similar prayer times across our country at college campuses and churches have provoked and prompted a hunger and desire for revival, personal & corporate prayer time, and some self-evaluation for us as Christians. Do we truly want revival even if it doesn’t look like what is familiar? Are we willing to do whatever it takes to experience revival? What is God up to in our world right now?

As we seek God’s destiny, open our hearts to revival and prepare our churches for spiritually hungry people, may we experience the power of the Holy Spirit in a move like the Book of Acts and the early Christians understood and lived. Renewal! Rebirth! Revival!


Two of the most important celebrations and commemorations in the Church come in Spring: Palm Sunday and Easter. As we gather together on Palm Sunday, may we truly be like those 2000 years ago who sang and shouted praises to Jesus, hailing Him with “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!” May our hearts be filled with praise and worship. As we gather together on Easter, may we like those who discovered an empty tomb, who were willing to tell the world, who welcomed Jesus as the Risen Savior! Palm Sunday and Easter are the perfect times to invite someone to church. With all of the bunnies and Easter egg hunts throughout stores and our communities, we have the important responsibility and privilege of sharing the true story of Easter – the resurrection of Jesus, God’s Only Son, our Savior, Messiah and Lord.


Our Quadrennial Conference on April 29, 2023 will be the 100th Conference Session for NHM (East Oklahoma) with our actual 100th birthday on August 26, 2024. We will have Conference Executive Council elections, Conference business, awards for ministers and churches, School of Ministry Graduation and our Credential Service. IPHC Presiding Bishop Doug Beacham will be our Presiding Officer. Plan to attend.

We will have events, services and special days scheduled throughout 2023-24 as we celebrate our Centennial: 100 Years!