bishop's desk copy
March/April 2021

Ministry in a COVID & Post-COVID World!

COVID. Vaccinations. Masks. Social Distancing. Quarantine. Sickness. Death. Recovery.

2020 was a year unlike any other we have ever experienced. Who could have imagined churches and businesses required in some areas to close or to only allow a reduced number of people in the building? Who could have imagined the infection rate or the protocols we experienced? Who could have imagined what The Church would look like in 2020?

God. God knew. God knows. God was not surprised. God was, is and will be forever.

I believe God has allowed our country and our churches to experience this pandemic for a greater good. Do I think God sent COVID or caused the infection or determined the deaths? NO! Unlike some who see this pandemic as God’s judgment on the USA and/or the world, I see this as God allowing humanity to pause in our busyness and truly see ourselves.

In the history of the world, humanity has often brought calamity upon itself. Through destructive behavior, life-threatening decisions and selfish choices, mankind has suffered through plagues, destruction and pain. Only when we turn to God will we find His love, grace and mercy. Only when we repent of our selfishness will we find our true selves made in His likeness and created to do His will in our lives. Only when we change will we experience abundant life. We will keep getting what we are getting if we keep doing what we are doing.

WOW! That last paragraph may sound depressing and negative, but actually it is the opposite as I see it. COVID and this pandemic has brought the Church to our knees, seeking God’s presence and guidance. We are returning to an Acts Church mentality. Four walls do not contain The Church. WE are The Church. WE are God’s People. WE are here in this time, this season, this moment to be Salt and Light to a Bland & Dark World.

We MUST NOT return to our church activities and services like we were doing Pre-COVID. Just having 3 services a week singing the same songs, listening to a nice sermon, giving our determined offering, having some fellowship and continuing on our “normal” path is not good enough for what God wants to do in His Church, His Chosen Generation, His Royal Priesthood, His Holy Nation. We are The Church – Saved, Sanctified, Spirt-filled.

As we move forward in 2021, we MUST re-evaluate our Mission, our Vision, our Ministry. Are we satisfied with the group we presently have in our services or do we dream of reaching our world for Jesus? Do we see our communities as mission fields and our neighborhoods as our Jerusalem (Acts 1:8) to reach for Jesus? Will we begin to focus on how to reach our neighbors for Jesus and not on what we like in a church service?

WE – you and me, all in our church fellowship, The Church, the young, the old 

MUST – not an option, not a suggestion, a mandate, a commission, a directive, an order. 

GO & TELL! – out of our buildings and into the world, sharing the Gospel, our testimonies.