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September & October 2023

Together is Better


This year as NHM celebrates our Conference Centennial, we will return to Tiger Mountain Conference Center for gather2GO on October 14, 10 AM-12 PM, which will include a worship service and the opportunity for each church to bring their GO (Global Outreach) offerings for Missions/Evangelism. Our gather2GO will be an opportunity to gather together celebrating our missions and evangelism efforts over the past 100 years and planning for future GO & TELL! (Great Commission) endeavors. A complimentary lunch will be provided for a time of fellowship. Let’s gather2GO!


As summer came to a close, I was reminded of the importance of staying connected and being available to minister to each other through love, prayer and just being there. Some of our NHM ministers and pastors were and are hospitalized with serious illnesses. As their families and churches gathered around them in support, I was able to visit with them, praying for healing, comfort and peace. Together is Better.

We witnessed the heavenly home-goings of some NHM ministers’ spouses and an IPHC Conference Bishop. These deaths and the impact on families, churches and conferences prompted me to remember the importance of fellowship, camaraderie, friendship and support we can give each other through words and actions. Memorial services provide a needed time to remember and reflect on life. Together is Better.

Visiting with some fellow ministers as they shared the pressures of ministry & family life and the demands of being bi-vocational pastors, I heard the struggle in their stories, the hurt in their hearts and the pain in their pastorate. They knew their calling was still true and real, their desire to serve was genuine and their ministry was authentic, but they at times felt lonely, isolated, and despondent. Together is Better.

If you are struggling in service, feeling despair, hurting or just need to talk to someone, Together is Better. You are NOT alone. God is always with you, but sometimes you need someone with some “skin on” to encourage you, pray with you, listen to you, be with you. Together is Better. NHM has caring ministers and pastors who are your brothers and sisters in the Lord. We have all struggled, felt alone, needed a friend. Together is Better.

NHM is privileged and grateful to have Rev. Marie and Rev. Stan McCabe as our Clergy Care Directors who are available to privately counsel and visit with you. Contact the NHM Office and we will set up the contact for you. We are here for you as a minister and/or pastor. We all need assurance and comfort of knowing we can receive encouragement and godly counsel. Let’s talk and pray together. Let’s support each other. Together is Better.